Continuing Professional Development

Contributions to attendance at conferences, post-graduate study: MA, PhD, placements and professional accreditation

Eligibility Qualified conservator/ scientists working within the field of contemporary sculpture, post-graduate students

Applications Firstly, the applicant should provide outline information about a potential application by clicking on contact us and filling in the details. The following checklist gives guidance for the initial information required. If an application appears to be one that may be supported, we shall supply the relevant application form to be completed and returned to the Secretary of the Gabo Trust.

Initial information required
Professional Qualifications
Brief statement about the nature of the application
Outline budget

Conditions of accepting the grant It is a condition of accepting a grant from the Gabo Trust that a report and accompanying high-resolution images are submitted digitally to within 30 days of attending a conference, two months of the end of the academic year in the case of placements or student bursaries, or within two months of the completion of any other project. The report should include a copyright notice for both text and photographs that remain the property of the author. The Gabo Trust may quote from the report and use the photographs in its own publicity material without further reference to the grant recipient. The Gabo Trust should be acknowledged in any report or publication arising from its grant and a copy must be sent to the secretary of the Gabo Trust.

Report on CPD grant (conference attendance) The report should be a minimum of one page A4, longer for study or travel grants. It should tell the Gabo Trust clearly what the grant recipient hoped to achieve or study and it should analyse the success or otherwise of the project. It should also include an evaluation of the benefits to the recipient, and to conservation in general.

Report on CPD grant (placement or post-graduate qualification)The report should be two to three sides of A4, containing a brief outline of the course and of work undertaken during the year. In the case of courses lasting longer than one year, a report should be submitted to the Gabo Trust at the end of each year and on completion of the course. Examples of rewarding experience or significant objects conserved are important, together with an analysis of how the recipient found the course and what it has contributed in terms of preparing him/ her for the future. Any suggestions for improvement of the course should also be stated.

Report on professional accreditation The report should be a short notification of the outcome of the application within two months of being notified and a further report after one year, to let us know what difference accreditation has meant in your practice.

Failure to comply with these conditions will prejudice any future application.

If the Trustees of the Gabo Trust consider a report on a study project to be of wider interest, it will be lodged in the Tate Archive and published on the Gabo Trust website.

Grant recipients will not be eligible for another Gabo Trust grant until two years have elapsed.