Equipment for Museums and Art Galleries

Eligibility Custodians of museums and galleries (directors, curators and conservators)

Applications Firstly, the applicant should provide outline information about a potential application by clicking on contact us and filling in the details. The following checklist gives guidance for the initial information required. If an application appears to be one that may be supported, we shall supply the relevant application form to be completed and returned to the Secretary of the Gabo Trust.

Initial information required
Details of modern and contemporary sculpture collection
Description of equipment requested and reasons for needing it
Outline budget

Conditions of accepting a grant It is a condition of accepting a grant from the Gabo Trust that a report is submitted digitally to within two months of the completion of the installation and use of the equipment.

Report on Equipment for Museums and Art Galleries The brief report of about one page A4 should include at least one high-resolution image of the equipment in use.

Failure to comply with these conditions will prejudice any future application.

If the Trustees of the Gabo Trust consider a report on a study project to be of wider interest, it will be lodged in the Tate Archive.

Grant recipients will not be eligible for another Gabo Trust grant until two years have elapsed.