Grants offered by the Gabo Trust

Grants offered by the Gabo Trust

Continuing Professional Development
Grants in this sector cover a range of opportunities for improving the practice of professional conservators when linked to modern and contemporary sculpture. These include financial assistance to attend conferences and training courses; bursaries for post-graduate studies; placements; and small budget research projects. Qualified conservators may also apply for a contribution to funding Professional Accreditation.

Travel Grants
Travel grants may be related to research or attending relevant conferences.

Modern and Contemporary Sculpture Collection Conservation Surveys
Custodians of modern and contemporary sculpture in public collections may apply for funding of a conservation survey by a professional conservator. The survey would include a condition assessment of the collection together with recommendations for their ongoing care and storage.

Equipment for Museums and Art Galleries
This grant covers applications for funds contributing to equipment for the conservation and safe storage of modern and contemporary sculpture in public collections.