LU Arts and Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts awarded Gabo Trust Sculpture Survey grants

A Gabo Trust grant has enabled LU Arts (at Loughborough University) to employ a specialist conservator to carry out a survey of aspects of their modern and contemporary sculpture collection. The project coordinator at LU Arts reported, 'The funding provided by the Gabo Trust has played a hugely important role in the ongoing process of restoring this collection to its rightful condition, and to its rightful prominence on the University’s campus and in the University’s institutional reputation... The process has facilitated new avenues of co-operation between LU Arts and Facilities Management, helped raise awareness of the collection across the University more broadly, and resulted in interest and enthusiasm towards [it].'  

The Gabo Trust has awarded Sainsbury Centre a grant towards a sculpture survey of its nationally-important Morris bequest. This survey forms part of a project which will involve skills transferral and the skills development of conservators, including Sainsbury Centre's resident team.

Storage and equipment grants for Leeds Museums and Galleries and Southampton City Art Gallery

Following their Gabo Trust funded Sculpture Survey in 2017, which identified priorities for improving the care and storage of aspects of the collection, Leeds Museums and Galleries have received a Gabo Trust equipment grant for the purchase of stackable Utz plastic containers. This has enabled LMG to rationalise the storage of their models, maquettes and small sculptures; and increase storage capacity.

Southampton City Art Gallery's sculpture survey, funded by the Gabo Trust in 2014, also identified better storage as the main area for improvement. The Trust has now awarded the gallery an equipment grant to fund racking for mid-sized sculptures and crates for larger works.